NGC (Nano GPS Chip) True or Fake – Full Details

ngc-facts-true-or-false-full-detailsAs of now,  all  peoples talking about new currency which is issued by the Indian government. This is a big step which is performed by Indian government. This will surely helpful in black money case. Here we talk about new currency  note Rs. 2000 features. Many people’s say these currency notes have inbuilt NGS (Nano GPS Chip) system which is enough to track the location even if you are in the 120 meters below ground level. Is this possible ? Can we make such chips in India with the technology we have? Which works without a power source even in ground level also. That’s good. but looks strange. This is a just media rumours. thats all.

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Here we show some experts views

Ashish Bharti View :

NGC must be a hoax as this is impossible. Let’s say satellite sends a signal, by the time it reaches the surface to tango with the ‘magic chip’ it will already be very weak, imagine this ‘reflected’ signal will reach back to the satellite! wow! that’s unbelievable.
Now, EM waves follow the same reflection laws as light, how reflected signal will reach the original satellite which emitted it unless it’s a normal incidence. some message says it can penetrate 120 meters under the ground? Is this fantasy or what?
When the so called chip ‘reflects’ the signal how will it embed the notes serial number to be relayed back to the satellite (it’s not powered)? If it somehow does that how will it encode the coordinates? Normal incidence signal can only detect if it’s in line of sight.

Ayush Nenawati View :

First of all it has not been officially approved. It’s just in media.
Secondly, if it’s not a hoax then going by those reports the currency will have embedded Nano GPS Chip(NGC) which can make the currency detectable. Given that it’ll have to ban present 500 and 1000 notes altogether and exchange those with other denominations which will make them accountable. Obviously you would want ten 2000 notes for your Rs.20,000 rather than two-hundred 100 notes.
Lastly,there are many fake 500 and 1000 currency notes in the market. By introducing a new currency denomination, which is difficult to copy, fake currency production can be minimized.

Anuraag Reddy View :

There is no NGC chip. That technology will almost have to defy the laws of physics, and such sensitivity even if possible is definitely not possible with today’s radio technology.
However, it is a smart idea to curtail unaccounted money by issuing new currency which would force people with such currency to declare it by depositing it at a bank, and if not done by the end of this year. It would make any money you hide or hold worthless.
Whatever money you do account this year, you would have to pay taxes at least declaring it as this years income, or spend it all in India.

Hope you understand the issue in newNGC (Nano GPS Chip) rumours. They all are fake. Because these type of chip is not exists which send location directly to satelite. lolz

Anubhav Bhatnagar (AnooBav) View :

1- Using some chip to track each note, but there is no security cam on streets to monitor street activities & stop crime.
2- If there is then what is the power source?
3- What is the cost of chip installed?
4-How does GOI managed to install it, before any tech advanced country?
Also, if this is truth then why would someone keep 2000 note, when he fears if he is being tracked by the GOVT., who wants to get tracked?
All in all, this is just an hoax created by media for gaining TRP, else PM Modi, would have announced about it in his speech. And the other thing is, technically & logically, it’s impossible to get such chip installed with current technology in a currency note.

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Overall good decision by the government. This is just a hoax & don’t get mislead by any media showing/claiming this, because technically this thing is not yet possible, not just for India but not even in technical advanced country. such tech within a paper currency seems bit illogical & useless, assuming it’s cost & implementation.


  1. I also thinking how it is possible. how effective is ngc chips if they really implemented by RBI.
    hope it true and all notes have high tech chips to control blackmoney.

  2. It is a possibility. NGC can be used for data acquisition.

    For example If currency not in use for a prolonged time and it is under someone’s hood then one day it is appearing on satellite vision. Doubtful scenario.

    Different doubtful scenarios undergo finely defined algorithms.

    It is not the currency play the major role. Computers and brains do the smart actions.

    Don’t worry about technical advanced countries. India posses the great pool of talents in technology.

  3. With the available Technology in India and also taking into consideration of COST it is not possible to introduce this Nano GPS Chip for each and every currency note. It is a purely HOAX message in circulation.

    1. Hi Shrey Sharma,
      As of now, there is not any official news by RBI. So can’t say.
      But according to experts such type of chip can’t implement with current technology which we have. If implemented then cost is too high.
      Kind Regards

  4. GPS Chips will not be introduced to indian currency . since GPS is an american Technology and it will only allow the monitoring to America . and Such chips need a power source to get detected

  5. I didn’t think it’s possible because before that, we must know something about our adopted wireless satellite technology. such an chip (NGC) can’t respond to the satellite even if they receive the signals from satellite

  6. I have not played with NGC however I have done few integration with the ordinary GPS modules.

    It was battery powered and micro controller based integrations.

    India now has its own satellite system which is an alternative to American GPS.

    NGC based currencies was a strategy for the government years ago. Also the plastic notes.

    ISRO and government are not exposing more details.

  7. It is not possible to do it this way. The “news” that was floating around was that this chip would be based on reflection of power from a satellite. I could not stop laughing when I heard that people are saying that a small “nano” chip will reflect this much power that a satellite will receive and decode it. Not possible.

    If this technology were possible, Tata Sky and other DTH companies would be making a killing of selling our viewing data to advertisers. A lot of power is required to send a signal from the satellite to this earth. Similar amount of power is required to send a signal from the earth to the satellite. Let us say a satellite transmits at 50 Watts over the area of India, then the power density on earth would be 15 nanowatts/sq. meter. So, even if the whole Rs. 2,000 note were a “nano-chip”, the power incident on it (if it were perpendicular to the satellite) would be 0.15 nanowatts. If we assume that the nano-chip is 100% reflective, the power transmitted by the chip would be 0.15 nanowatts. Now, this signal has to reach back to the sattellite which is 36,000 km above the earth. Let us assume that the size of the satellite receiver is 10 sq. meter and the nanochip transmits all of its power only in 2*pi solid angle, we get the receiver receiving 1.84 * 10^-25 watts of power. That is equivalent to one photon (light particle) hitting the receiver every 12 days.

    Do you think that there is a detector in this world that can detect a photon every 12 days? But, even if we assume that such a detector can be built. How will you take care of interference of signal from millions of such notes?

    If you did not understand, all the above technicalities, the simple version is that it is not possible to do it because the reflected power from such a chip will be very small and it will be very difficult to distinguish the signal from millions of notes. If such a technology was feasible, we would have had satellite phones, not cell phones. Moreover, DTH communication would not have been one way, but a two way communication. Right now, the DTH communication is one way. Your set top box can only receive information from the satellite, but it cannot send any signal back to the satellite. That is why, the customer care people ask you to keep your set top box on when changing the package. They have no knowledge of your set top box being on or off. If they send a signal and your set top box is not on at that time, the set top box will not receive the information and if you turn on your set top box later, the set top box does not know about the change in package, so it will keep on showing you the previous package.

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