AMP FAQ – All Things Which you want to know

AMP Tutorial step by step WordPressNowadays google force to publishers for joining AMP Project. and you know if google says it is required means required, There is no other way .

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project is an open source initiative that came out of discussions between publishers and technology companies about the need to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone — publishers, consumer platforms, creators, and users.

The main purpose of AMP is fast loading. Because if we open a site in normal mode its takes more than 10 Seconds on a slow network. But if we open in AMP then its load instantly.


Question : Is AMP compulsory for all websites ?
Answer : No. Currently, google force only news sites to use AMP pages on their sites.

Question : How to implement AMP in WordPress based site ?
Answer : You can easily implement AMP pages in your WordPress based site. just install AMP plugin from below link.
Don’t think about negative reviews. This plugin full fill all your requirement regarding AMP pages.  Who they give a bad review, They don’t know much about AMP.

Question : Is featured Image required for AMP pages ?
Answer : Yes. Featured image is compulsory in AMP pages.

Question : Can I use Google ads on AMP Pages ? Is google support AMP ?
Answer : Yes, You can use Google ads on AMP pages in your WordPress site.

Question : I have 800+ Posts on My WordPress site. Many Posts do not have Featured Image, What I Do?
Answer : As Previously Says, Featured image is mandatory. But if you have many posts then Its seems you can’t upload on all previous posts. Here a solution you can edit plugin files and set a default Featured image Whenever system detect Featured image not here then system use default image which is set by us in code. We make a tutorial on this as soon as.

Question : I have Featured Image, But google Structured test gives an error ?
Answer :  If your featured image less than 700px ,Then you face error from google. So use more than 700px Featured Image.

Question : How to insert Google ads on AMP pages in WordPress site ?
Answer : You can insert Google ads on AMP pages. you just need to edit plug files. We make a tutorial on this as soon as.

Question : Can I insert Google ads in the middle of the post on AMP WordPress ?
Answer :  Yes, You can easily add google ads in the middle of the post, beginning with the post, bottom of the post. All things possible. We also make a tutorial on this.

Question : Can I show Related posts on AMP Pages ?
Answer : Yes

Question : Can I use a custom logo in AMP WordPress ?
Answer : Yes, you can use.

Question : Can I Show Menu in AMP WordPress ?
Answer : Yes


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