How to Block a Website in Xiaomi Phones MIUI 7 (Redmi 1s Redmi 2/Redmi 2 Prime/mi3/mi4/mi4i/mi5 )

Xiaomi phones are so prevalent now days. All Mi fans are waiting for their devices now they are launching Mi Max soon. Today we talk about Blocking Websites in smartphones. There are several reasons to block a website in  Xiaomi phone. May be he don’t want to give his phones others, Might be some parental issues. So there are many reasons for blocking a website in your mi phone. The whole process of blocking website are similarly working on all Mi phones. No matter which device you are using. Means this blocking process work on all Xiaomi devices like  Redmi 1s Redmi 2/Redmi 2 Prime/mi3/mi4/mi4i/mi5.

Block a Website in Xiaomi Mobile:

Blocking website in your mobile is not too hard just follow below steps to block a website in your Xiaomi mobile:

  1. First Download & Install ES File Explorer form Play Store.
  2. Launch the ES File Explore.
  3. Tap on Menu icon (Top bar in Left).
  4. Tap on “/ Device“.
  5. Tap on “etc” folder & edit the “hosts” file.
  6. in this file add your website name in this format

ES File explorer Home- Block a website in Xiaomi mobiles



Now all things is done. Just restart your device.  Now your desired website is blocked in Your Xiaomi Phone.

Unblock a Website in Xiaomi Mobile:

This is too simple task. To unblock a website which is blocked by you previously, Just remove the extra texts which is added by you. After that restart your Mi device. And now you see blocked website is smoothly working in your Mi device. Enjoy blocking stay happy and keep smiling  because

 Something wonderful is about to happen.

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