How to Use Lite mode in Xiaomi MIUI 7/8 (Redmi & Mi)

Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we are discussing on a very important MIUI function called “Lite Mode”. Lite mode is a special feature of Xiaomi phones where user interface totally changed. The new user interfaces fully friendly with old aged peoples like our grandfather or any other old person who faced difficulty during phone usages. Why We Need Lite Mode Function : I Know you are comfortable with latest MIUI user interface. And you don’t need such type of function. Remember one thing, one of your family member like your grandfather or Father needs a phone. Then […]

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How to Use Data Usages Feature in Xiaomi (MIUI 7, MIUI 8)

Hello MIUIers, hope you are fine. Today we talk about data usages feature which is provided by MIUI in Xiaomi phones. you all know why data usages monitoring is useful for us. and controlling them is also your rights because it’s your phone. So in the case of customization, Xiaomi always give better options that’s why we love Xiaomi. In the Xiaomi data usages feature, you can control many things like set daily data usages, Set monthly usages, App wise data monitoring & you can also restrict particular app for data usages. even you can control in two setting variants, […]

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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Full Specification

Redmi series, Yes after this name you think that this is low budget Xiaomi phone for average users, who want to enjoy flagship services in less budget. But as of now, you must change your thinking because Xiaomi introduced Redmi Pro. A First flagship device in Redmi series where as we only see flagship devices in Mi Series like Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 5. But now Xiaomi rocks with Redmi Pro. You can enjoy Flagship services in less amount in your favorite Redmi series. Here we talk about Xiaomi Redmi Pro specification, features, battery details and much more topics. As you know Xiaomi […]

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Full Specification

In a previous couple of days, We were waiting for a new announcement from Xiaomi Inc. And they only give a date 27 July. As Expected Lei Jun come with own style on the stage and Introduce most awaited product Xiaomi laptop Mi Notebook Air and Redmi Pro.  As we know Xiaomi Always has a stunning design with the illustrious look. This time, Xiaomi again rock with Mi notebook Air. Mi Notebook comes in two models 13.3 & 12.5 . Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ Specification : Intel Core i5 processor 8GB next-generation DDR4 RAM  Expandable 256GB PCIe SSD  NVIDIA GeForce 940MX […]

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Xiaomi official Mi Video Call App Launched

Hello, MIUIers. I am here again for giving a good news for you. Guess what ? Yeah, I know you already read the title of the article. Yes, Today we are talking about Mi Video Call App which is recently launched by Xiaomi Inc. Here you get all things about Mi Video Call App Review and Download link with play store and Also get external APK  link. We have many Apps for video calling what the special in it. Definitely, you are thinking this type of question in your mind. This is Xiaomi, They don’t launch simple device or app in […]

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How to Send Free Message via Mi Message Xiaomi

Hello, MIUIers . hope you  doing well  in your life and enjoy Xiaomi services in your daily life. Today we talk about Xiaomi Mi message service which is very important for all of us. Why ? because why we pay to network operator if our friend also has Mi Mobile. In short through the Mi Message service, you can send free messages to other Mi user without any charges. Mi message sends messages in real time like whatsApp. Whereas comfortability issue there is no need to worry, Mi message support by all Xiaomi mobiles. No matter you have old Xiaomi […]

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Google adsense solution in amp wordpress

How to Add / Show Google Adsense Ads in AMP WordPress

There is no need to tell you why Adsense in important to our site. Hope you already configure your site AMP comfortable. As you know previously we discussed Adding menu, Related post, Analytic code in AMP Posts. We also solve Popular problem “A value for the image field is required” Also solved by us. Today we discuss Google Adsense implementation in AMP WordPress site. Many of us always confuse that Is AMP support Google Adsense or not. There is good news AMP [Accelerated Mobile Pages] full comfortable with Google Ads. Why Google Ads not Showing in AMP WordPress : You […]

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AMP Google Analytic Solution Related post Wp logo Solution

How to Add menu , Analytic Code , Related Post & Logo in WordPress AMP

AMP, Yes this world is around you in these days. and you always feel helpless because  there is not enough tutorial which described clearly  what’s going on. I am pretty sure you read AMP FAQs and AMP required images error solution which is shared by me in previous posts. Today we talk about Displaying menu,Google Analytic Code ,Related Post & Custom logo implementation in our WordPress site. Which is more useful to engage a visitor on our site. All above things we can do through editing the plugin code. But everyone not friendly with customization in code. Don’t worry a plugin available […]

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Image field required error solution amp wordpress

“A value for the image field is required.” AMP Error Solution in WordPress

Now everyone talking about AMP. Many publishers try AMP on their sites but they tired with full of errors.  Generally, you will wait till Google give AMP error. But there is no need to wait for Google errors, You can self-check what the going on. How to Check AMP Errors in WordPress : You have two options to check your AMP errors in your WordPress site. “A value for the image field is required” Error occur then system clearly says that error occurred. First option is : Google Structured Testing Tool Where you paste your whole URL with amp like  […]

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AMP Tutorial step by step Wordpress

AMP FAQ – All Things Which you want to know

Nowadays google force to publishers for joining AMP Project. and you know if google says it is required means required, There is no other way . The Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project is an open source initiative that came out of discussions between publishers and technology companies about the need to improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone — publishers, consumer platforms, creators, and users. The main purpose of AMP is fast loading. Because if we open a site in normal mode its takes more than 10 Seconds on a slow network. But if we open in AMP then […]

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