Update MIUI 12 in Redmi Mobiles

How to Update MIUI 12 in Xiaomi Redmi Mobiles – Easy Guide

Hello MIUIers, I Hope you are doing well. Today we talk about MIUI 12 update in Redmi mobiles. As we all know MIUI team introduced MIUI 12 for our Xiaomi Redmi mobiles. Right now MIUI 12 is under testing mode where anyone can test the MIUI 12 and give feedback to the development team. In short, We can say right now only developer ROM of MIUI 12 available for you. In this Article, We learn how to update our Redmi mobile to the latest MIUI 12 version in an easy way. We share both ways to update where you get […]

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Easy Guide to check spy Apps on Android Smartphones

How to know someone tracking my Smartphone – Easy Guide

Hello Android users, Today we talk about Phone SPY.  As we all know most of the people use the smartphone nowadays. But technology has disadvantages if you not aware of the latest tech tricks. So If you are a person who is confused about your data security then this article for you. If you have doubts that someone tracking you via your Android smartphone then we will help you to check and prevent these types of attacks. Many peoples use Spy Apps to track their loved ones. Maybe the victim is their child, sister, brother,  girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband, enemy, […]

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Always On display in Xiaomi Mobile - Easy step by step guide

How to set display always on in Redmi Xiaomi Mobiles – MIUI 11 / MIUI 12

Hello MIUIers, I Hope you are doing well. Today we talk about MIUI’s display function. Here we learn how to always on our Redmi phone display. Why you need this function and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this Always on function for Xiaomi Mobiles. No Mater which Xiaomi phone you are using like Redmi 7, Redmi 8, Redmi 9, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, etc. All Phones run on MIUI so this function work on all Xiaomi mobiles except Xiaomi’s Mi A1, Mi A2, etc because these devices run on stock […]

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Xiaomi Redmi Mobile New Price List After GST Hike

Hello Mi Fans, I hope you are doing well. As we all know the Indian government increase the GST Rates on all Mobile Phones in India. Old GST Rate on Mobiles is 12% but now the government increases this rate to 18%. As we know Xiaomi only makes 5% profit on its hardware sales so in this situation they can’t survive with old rates. Here we share Xiaomi Redmi mobile price which is effective from 1st April 2020. On 1st April 2020 Manu Jain Twitted and inform the users that they are going to increase Prices on all Xiaomi mobiles. […]

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How to Download Videos from Utkarsh Classes Android App

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well. Today we talked about the Utraksh Classes Android App. As we all know Utraksh Classes is popular nowadays for their exclusive live/recorded video classes content. Here we learn how to download these videos and save in your file manager so you can watch later whenever you need it. So here we provide a step by step guide to download Utraksh classes video in an easy way. Our trick works on All android version’s no matter which phone you are using because if you need the videos then you need to use a […]

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How to Transfer all data to new Redmi Note 9 Pro from old Xiaomi Redmi Phone

Hello MIUIers, I hope you are doing good.  As we all know Redmi Note 9 Pro already introduced by Xiaomi. Hopefully, you get this phone in your hand. So today we talked about whole data transfer from your old Xiaomi Redmi Phone to brand new Redmi Note 9 Pro OR Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. Here we share all possible ways to transfer all your Contacts, Call History, Messages, Notes, WhatsApp Chats, Photos and other apps. Here we provide a step by step guide to move all your data from the old android device to the new Redmi Note 9 […]

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How to book train ticket through UTS app on Same Station / In the Train

Hello friends, Today we talk about UTS app which is provided by the Indian Railway to book the unreserved/general ticket through your Android mobile. Today we learn how to book a ticket through UTS Mobile App and also talk about how to book when you stand on the same station OR You are traveling on the train and want to book a ticket of the same train, Then how you process. In this article, we cover all these things of the UTS App which very helpful for us to prevent long queue hassles. What is UTS App? UTS App is […]

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How to Remove COOT Ransomware Virus & Decrypt Infected Files

Hello Users, Hope you are doing well. But if you are on this page then i am sure your PC/Laptop infected with .COOT Ransomware  and you looking for a working solution which helps you to get all your original files which encrypted by COOT Ransomware virus. First I want to tell you about COOT Ransomware virus. This Ransomware  virus come in your system and then automatically set in your startup programs. Now when you start your computer/laptop then this virus program start in background. Now he start to encrypt all your files with strong 256 bit encryption method. During encryption […]

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How to Shoot Slow Motion Video on Redmi 8 – Easy Guide For Slow Motion Videos

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well. Today we talked about slow motion video shooting process on Redmi 8. As we all know how slow motion video is important nowadays. So here we provide a complete step by step guide for slow motion video in Xiaomi’s Redmi 8 Mobile. As we know Redmi 8 is a budget phone where you get 4/64 combination at low cost. So here we can expect that on some levels we need to sacrifice with situations. But not here yet, Because we already enjoy the power of MIUI. Here we can easily shoot slow […]

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Redmi 8 – General Problems & Solutions

Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we talked about General Problems & solutions of Redmi 8 Mobile. Here we cover fast battery drain solution, Heating solution & Network problem solution as well as other software related problems of Redmi 8 Mobile. Here we provide a quick solution guide for all problems of Redmi 8 mobile. As we all know Redmi 8 comes with 4/64 (4 GB RAM & 64 GB Internal) and 3/32 (3 GB RAM & 32 GB Internal) combinations. Both variants are good in terms of quality and performance. Its 5000 mAh battery is enough to give […]

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