Xiaomi  The name is enough to make an image in your mind. Yes, We all are a fan of Xiaomi. Why…. There is no question why. Because we all know why. Here you can find all tutorial on Xiaomi, MIUI, Basic Problem in Mi phone and other MIUI stuff. As a mi fan, we want to do best for miui users because we believe you are awesome. Here we can discuss on All Xiaomi products. No matter its latest Mi phone or other  Mi gadgets. We equally treat  all Mi products.
Here you can also find new tricks of Xiaomi phones. We parallelly share features of MIUI 8. we also make a step by step guide of new features. We give you all latest MIUI 8 ROMs link (Developer & Stable).  Here you can find all tutorials on Messages, Contacts,Calls (Incoming blocks & Outgoing blocks), Data Usages manager, File hiding encryption in Xiaomi phones.

How to Update MIUI 8 Marshmallow in Redmi 3S Prime Xiaomi

Hello MIUIers, Hope you enjoying Xiaomi services. Recently you received your favorite phone Redmi 3S Prime. An awesome budget phone with full of features. After Redmi Note 3, This phone is favorite of many peoples. All in one model  gives by our beloved Xiaomi. After the first use, you are happy with the performance. But now you are thinking to upgrade. Because no one wants to use an old software on a brand new mobile. So here we talk about MIUI official update of MIUI 8 which is based on Marshmallow. Your Redmi 3S Prime is fully comfortable for MIUI 8 updates. […]

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Redmi 3s Prime : Battery Drain Not Charge Heating Issue Solution

Redmi 3s Prime, A budget phone with full of specifications. Your all needs fulfil by this Phone. Redmi 3s Prime have Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 MSM8937 Octa-Core processor ,Fingerprint Sensor,WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, A-GPS. You can read Redmi 3S specifications from here. Redmi 3S come in two variants first is Redmi 3S which has 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal and 13MP Camera. The second one is Redmi 3S Prime, Its have 3GB RAM, 32GB Internal and Fingerprint sensor. This is the another device in Redmi series which have a fingerprint sensor. Redmi Pro also a fingerprint sensor. You can control your TV & AC via […]

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“Mobile Data Connection Problem in Xiaomi” Solved

Hello MIUIers, Hope you enjoying MIUI services. Today we discuss a common problem related to Mobile data connection. When you want to connect to the Internet then you have two options either connect with WiFi OR Establish a connection through mobile data. Sometimes you see, you can’t connect to the Internet using Mobile data in your Xiaomi Mobile. This problem can occur in any mobile no matter which phone you are using like Redmi 2 / Prime, Redmi 3 ,3S, Redmi note 3, Redmi Pro, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 5 etc. Means mobile data connection error problem happen in any […]

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How to Take backup & Restore in Xiaomi MIUI 7/8 (Redmi & Mi Phones)

Hello, MIUIers. hope you enjoying Xiaomi services. Today we discuss Xiaomi backup service. Backup is too important for us because of many reasons. Because everyone wants alternate, Suppose one day our phone is not working or stolen by us then where we go. If we have a backup then we face less trouble. Whereas Xiaomi always ahead in services, here you get two options to take backup. If you have full speed working Internet in your daily life then you can use mi Cloud service. where you store all your data like messages,call history, notes, contacts, photos,system settings, alarm, recorded audios […]

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How to Access PC Internet in Xiaomi Mobiles (Redmi & Mi Phones)

Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we discuss how to share PC Internet in Xiaomi phones. As you know sometimes, we need to access the Internet through broadband in our Mi Phone. This task is so easy if we have WiFi router or Laptop. Don’t worry if you don’t have these, then you can also share the Internet. You can share PC Internet in All Xiaomi Mobiles no matter which is Redmi 2 /Prime, Redmi 1S, Redmi Pro, Redmi Note 3, MI2,MI3,Mi4,MI5 etc. Here we share System internet through USB cable. All things handled via Mi PC Suite. Requirements of […]

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Xiaomi redmi note 3 vs redmi 3s

Xiaomi Redmi 3s vs Redmi note 3 Which one is better ?

Xiaomi rocks again with Redmi 3s, But many MI fans confused because they also have Redmi note 3 option. Which one did they choose? this is really complicated.  Both models are attractive and both comes in the pocket-friendly budget. Nowadays fingerprint sensor in a major requirement of the user. and both of the phones have the fingerprint sensor. Redmi 3s Prime have 32GB internal and 13MP camera. Here we provide some reasons for choosing Redmi note 3 over Redmi 3s. you can also find why you buy Redmi 3s Prime over Redmi note 3. Reasons not to choose Redmi 3S over Redmi Note […]

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Xiaomi Redmi 3S Full Specification

Hello Mi fans, hope you are doing well.  As you know Xiaomi recently launched Redmi 3S. Extended Redmi series via Redmi 3S. So what’s the special on this phone?  The answer is everything special. Because its Xiaomi device. Xiaomi maintains its price, this is the main factor of Xiaomi. All Redmi series comes with pocket-friendly budget except Redmi Pro. In this article, we discuss Redmi 3S details with full specifications. Redmi 3S comes with two models, the First model has 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. And the Second model has 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory with the fingerprint sensor. Both […]

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How to Use Lite mode in Xiaomi MIUI 7/8 (Redmi & Mi)

Hello MIUIers, hope you are doing well. Today we are discussing on a very important MIUI function called “Lite Mode”. Lite mode is a special feature of Xiaomi phones where user interface totally changed. The new user interfaces fully friendly with old aged peoples like our grandfather or any other old person who faced difficulty during phone usages. Why We Need Lite Mode Function : I Know you are comfortable with latest MIUI user interface. And you don’t need such type of function. Remember one thing, one of your family member like your grandfather or Father needs a phone. Then […]

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How to Use Data Usages Feature in Xiaomi (MIUI 7, MIUI 8)

Hello MIUIers, hope you are fine. Today we talk about data usages feature which is provided by MIUI in Xiaomi phones. you all know why data usages monitoring is useful for us. and controlling them is also your rights because it’s your phone. So in the case of customization, Xiaomi always give better options that’s why we love Xiaomi. In the Xiaomi data usages feature, you can control many things like set daily data usages, Set monthly usages, App wise data monitoring & you can also restrict particular app for data usages. even you can control in two setting variants, […]

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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Full Specification

Redmi series, Yes after this name you think that this is low budget Xiaomi phone for average users, who want to enjoy flagship services in less budget. But as of now, you must change your thinking because Xiaomi introduced Redmi Pro. A First flagship device in Redmi series where as we only see flagship devices in Mi Series like Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 5. But now Xiaomi rocks with Redmi Pro. You can enjoy Flagship services in less amount in your favorite Redmi series. Here we talk about Xiaomi Redmi Pro specification, features, battery details and much more topics. As you know Xiaomi […]

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