Solved – Your webcam is showing no activity Chatroulette Omegle

Hello users today we talk about a common webcam problems which occur on various video streaming/chatting sites like Skype web, Chatroulette, Omegle etc. In this Problem, your browser can’t able to access system webcam/inbuilt camera. So you only see an error message on your cam screen  Your webcam is showing no activity. Don’t worry about this problem you can easily solve this problem via following some easy steps. This webcam activity problem mainly occurred because of outdated software which is installed on your computer. As you know your all useful software must be updated no matter you are using Windows or Linux. […]

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Is Droom Helmet Sale is Fake – Detailed View

Hello Users, Today we talk about Droom helmet sale which is most popular at this time in India. Because Droom offering a good quality helmet at just Rs. 19 only. So everyone wants this helmet. Abusively everyone because of Rs. 19 is a too small amount where we talk about a good helmet. But the Question is Droom Helmet sale is a fake sale or real sale because many people want to buy but no one can get. So might be people think about Droom sale authenticity. So today here we talk about all possible cases, so we can determine […]

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How to Download Amazon Prime Videos for other computer/laptop/mobile Easy Way

Hello Users, We all know about Amazon Prime video service where we enjoy all latest movies and TV Shows and pay an annual fee to watch all these videos. Everyone knows about Amazon offline video download service where you can enjoy videos even when you don’t have the internet. But a problem may occur when you want to watch your downloaded movies on your laptop/computer without the internet which is not possible because of Amazon offline video facility only available on the app like Android App, iOS App. So here we suggest a solution for you, you can easily watch your […]

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New IRCTC Tatkal Booking Timing | Workings Tips & Tricks | Refund | August 2017

Hello Users, Today we talk about IRCTC Tatkal booking timing, booking tips & tricks so you can easily book your required IRCTC Tatkal ticket when you needed. As you know Indian Railway change the Tatkal booking timing from June 2015. Now you can book your Tatkal ticket from 10:00 AM for AC Class and 11:00 AM for Sleeper class before one day. In short, Tatkal booking starts before 24 hrs before train departure. Here we talk about all possible hack on IRCTC website which may help you to book a confirmed Tatkal ticket without any waiting queue. Here we also discuss […]

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Reliance JioPhone – Complete Specification of Jio Feature Phone with Plan Details & Price

Hello users, Hope you are doing well. Today we talk about Reliance new JioPhone features. Today Reliance introduced this feature phone with the price tag of Rs. 0. Means there is no need of money if you want to buy this feature phone. Seriously, No nude as of now there is no free thing in the world. However, Jio always knows for giving cheap data services. So here you can also expect less price from others. For the Reliance JioPhone you need to invest Rs. 1500/- from your wallet. Don’t worry this is the totally refundable amount.  After three years, […]

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Hello users, hope you are doing well. Today we talk about website. Here we talk about their services which they offer to their lucky customers. They claim that they deliver assured gift to their selected users when users buy some items from their website . According to their sales team users shopping amount must be greater than Rs. 3500/-. Once you crossed your cart with the amount of 3500/- then check out and then they deliver your product with the assured gift. You know what assured gift Apple iPhone 6s, Samsung LED, Samsung washing machine, Air conditioner etc. So how […]

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How to login in Gmail when 2-Step Verification enabled and phone lost

Hello Google users, Today we talk how to recover Gmail account when you can’t able access your phone and you already enabled 2-Step verification. In that case, you won’t be able to login in your Gmail even you know the password but you can’t do anything. This problem faced by many Google users. So don’t worry Google has a solution for you. So today we discuss all possible ways to recover your Gmail account if you lost your phone. In the 2-Step verification, Every time when you log in to Gmail, Google sent an OTP (one time password) to your […]

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How to Format Write Protected Pen Drive/ USB Flash Drive – Easy Way

USB storage device in short Pen Drive. We all use this storage device for our basic usages. Pen Drive play an important role in our daily life. This USB storage device very useful when we want to move our data one device to other devices.  A serious problem occurred if our pen drive converts in write protected device. It means now you can’t able to format this pen drive. Even you can’t write on it. Now you just able to copy data from this pen drive. In this case, a normal format function also not worked on that pen drive. So […]

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