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IDM Alternative in Linux (Kali Linux)

When the peoples switch Linux from windows. they feel uncomfortable because they can not find the right way to achieve his goal.But we all know Linux is Source of Possibilities. In windows OS many peoples use idm (Internet Download Manger) to download his files. IDM gives many services so every one like this software. When we move on Linux then we missed idm. and idm does not release any version for Linux.But Don’t worry as i before say Linux is Source of Possibilities, Here the many alternatives of idm. But today we talk about Flareget.Flareget support all major Linux distributions. […]

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How to create WI FI Hotspot in Linux (kali Linux)

Today every one crazy with Linux. Everyone knows the power of Linux. We always provide tutorials on Linux Basic Problems & services. In this chain today we learn  How to Create WI FI hotspot in Linux. Because many user want to share his network connection on his other devices.          So the above requirement Linux gives many ways to create WI FI Hotspot on our system. But here we see the simplest method to create WIFI Hotspot  in Linux. Minimum Requirements: GNOME 3 A WIFI Enabled Laptop OR A PC Which have wifi card. A Mobile (to […]

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How to create a bootable USB on Linux (kali Linux)

Now a days Linux become fashion. Many peoples around the world join the Linux Community.why ?because the power of open source is more than a Ltd. Company  power. to know more read my previous post.Top 10 Reasons to Choose Linux over Windows Today we see how to create bootable USB/pen drive in Linux environment . Many tools available in Linux to create a bootable USB. But today we use unetbootin.UNetbootin is a open source project. Its allows for the installation of various Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive, so it’s no different from a standard install, only it doesn’t need […]

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How to access Remote Desktop in Linux (kali Linux)

When people switch Linux from windows then he face many problems. because they are familiar with windows  OS. in these problems list Remote Desktop also a main problem. But Don’t worry Linux gives solution of this problem. Not only one solution it’s give many more like: remote desktop via VNC server rdesktop (A Remote Desktop Protocol Client) SSH connection etc. Here we talk about Linux desktop connection via help of vnc server. Before we start the tutorial first you download the vnc viewer for windows from vnc official website. Steps for download the vnc viewer: Go to vnc official website Download suitable […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Linux over Windows

LINUX is a open source Operating System. Linux kernel developed by Linus Torvald. Kernel is the heart of the any OS. Many Companies use Linux OS  and they all works for its development in free. Why you choose Linux: Its Totally Free: When you use windows operating system in your pc or lappy. then you buy a licence from Microsoft, this is more costly. On the other way Linux is totally free. Many peoples on the earth are working on it’s development & upgrade versions and they work for free with a community.Many Linux community exists in the world like: […]

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