How to install Opera in Linux (Kali Linux)

Now a days Opera browser is the most famous browser. Now a days Opera browser is the most famous browser. The Opera Web browser has off-Road mode speeds up slow net connection and reduces bandwidth. The Opera has helpful start page. Opera Web browser has good compatibility and fast performance. It remains a well-designed and a decent performer. It has Gestures for easy navigation.

Opera gives following features

  • More than bookmarks
  • Get around faster
  • Make it yours
  • Search and navigate easily
  • Speed up on slow networks
  • Stay safe on the web
  • VIP access for your favorite sites
Some times opera browser become more important when a website says that “he accept form only via opera browser”.Opera browser is developed by Opera Software.

How to install Opera browser in Linux:

Step 1:  First you goes to official site of Opera software. and Click to computer category because opera software make many version for different devices.  After click on Computer section click on Linux field. and Download suitable version for your system. image look like this

Note: i am using Kali  Linux i386 OS. Please download suitable version for your Linux system architecture.

Step 2: After download, you get a file in your home folder. Move it on Desktop. and open your terminal. Type following commands

cd Desktop
dpkg -i opera_12.16.1860_i386.deb

Image look look this:

Step 3: After this command, some process run in terminal. if you don’t get any error in terminal then your opera browser is successfully installed in your system. image look like this:

How to start browsing via Opera browser:

After the above following commands opera browser successfully installed in your system. To launch the opera browser goes to application menu and select the Internet sub menu & click on  Opera Icon.

After Click on Opera, A pop up window appear which ask for licence agreement. Click on yes. & you see a browser plug in open on your desktop. Image look like this:

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